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What's the function of Single Page in the flip book?

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What is the "Single Page" and what does it use for?


Our flip book software such as A-PDF to Flipbook (free download here) provides "Single Page"

setting, which will allow users and readers to view the flip book just like normal PDF. You can turn page by sliding mouse wheel, clicking page control buttons, pressing keyboard arrows and inputting page number.

1. Launch the program and import PDF;

2. In the design setting panel, find out "Single Page" configuration;

3. Enable "Single Page" and choose "True" for "Show Defaultly";

4. Customize book settings and choose format to output flip book.

After setting "Single Page", you can switch between single page and double page (flip book mode) by clicking the "Single/Double Page" button.

view the flip book in single page mode=

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