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A-PDF Image Downsample provides a quick way to resample the images in Acrobat PDF documents directly. It reduces the size of PDF files by reducing the resolution of those images by compressing them to match specific quality requirements, making PDF files faster to read on websites.


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Why A-PDF Image Downsample

Compress PDFs file size

It can effectively compress PDF files which contains large images, e.g. scanned paper with high resolution. The compressed PDFs can be easier for web publish, email etc.

Easy to use

The program is designed for ease of use:

  1. Select your PDF files
  2. Click "Downsample" or "Downsample and save as".

That's all.

A-PDF to Image Downsample Command Line

A-PDF to Image Downsample Command line (pidcmd.exe) is a Windows console utility that downsample the PDF file. The pidcmd.exe is included in the download package already. You can find it at the installation directory, generally, it is located in C:\program files\A-PDF Image Downsample.


PIDCMD.exe <input pdf> <output pdf> -M<Downsample Method> 
           [-S<password>] [-R<page range>] 
           [-F<Filter Width and Height>] [-Q<JEPG Quality>] 
           [-C<Downsample Filter>]

<input pdf>: Source PDF file.
<output pdf>: Output PDF file, if it is not specified, the 
              output file will be same as the input file
<Downsample Method>: Method of downsample.
    -D<Max Dpi>: Downsample by DPI, Default is 72.smaple: -MD72
-P<Scale Percent>: Downsample by Scale,Default is 70 (in percent).sample -MP70
-W<DownSample Width and Height>: Downsample by Width and Height.sample: -MW600x800. -S<password>: Password of source PDF file if application.
-R<page range>: Sample 1,2,5-10. Default(null) is all
-F<Filter Width and Height>: Filter in downsample. sample -F600x800.
-Q<JEPG Quality>: Default is 85 -C<Downsample Filter>: Defult is 9, other filters:
0 =None
1 =Triangle
2 =Hermite
3 =Bell
4 =Spline
5 =Lanczos3
6 =Mitchell
7 =Nearest
8 =Linear
9 =FastLinear
11=Bicubic Examples:
PIDCMD "C:\pdfs\source.pdf" "C:\pdfs\destination.pdf" -MD72 -S"123" -R2-10 -F600x800 -Q90 -C8 note: "123" is a password for Source PDF file Return code: 0: Success 2: Input file does not exist 3: Create output dir failed 4: Load PDF error 5: Invalided Password 6: Non-support Security 7: Create output file failed 8: Can not save to output file


Save Time

  • Handles a batch of files at one time.
  • Process is totally automatic.
  • Uses optimized algorithms to speed the processing.

Save Money

A-PDF Image Downsample is a standalone program costing only $27. It does NOT require Adobe Acrobat Pro, which costs hundreds of dollars.


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Current version 2.3.0


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Requirement: Windows


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