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A-PDF Scan and Split - Scan paper and split it to multi-pdfs based on blank page

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I want to scan the print documents and split the scanned file into several pieces, do you have any software that can help me with this?


Yes, A-PDF Scan and Split can help you. This software allows you to scan a batch of paper files and then split the scanned file into separate PDF documents according to different split methods: blank page or barcode page. Follow the below steps on how to scan and split a PDF to multiple files using Blank Page split method.

Step 1: Scan & Split mode

Start A-PDF Scan and Split and in the first screen, select "Scan and Split", click "Next";

Step 2: Select Split Method

In the next screen, you will see 3 Split Methods: Printed Barcode as Split Tag, Blank Page as Split Tag and Split every N Pages. Here I will take Blank Page as an example, click "Next";

Step 3: Recognize Blank Page

In the Scan and Split Settings interface, click the "Recognize Blank Page" button to make sure the inserted blank pages are recognizable; if it can't be recognized, follow the 3-step instruction to adjust settings;

You can set DPI, color or parameters for Threshold and black/white; then click Save button to save the settings.

Step 4: Source Selecting

Select a scanner and set the output quality for scanned files.

Step 5: Define Output Settings

You can define the output path and choose a name pattern for the split PDF files. Besides, you can define options for the separator page.

Step 6: Split Scanned Files

Click the "Start" button to begin splitting the scanned files.

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