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Add MP4 video to digital page flipping ebook

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Mp4 video can directly express what we want to say. Compare with other media (like image, link, sound), MP4 video is the most dynamic and attractive way to present our content. To make our Page flip book distinctive, we can add this helpful media to book pages.


It is simple to do with using A-PDF to Flipbook Pro. So if you have an MP4 video that you want to play on a page flipbook, you can follow the below steps.

Step1: download and install A-PDF to Flipbook Pro software and then run on it directly;

Step2: in the project panel, press on "Create New" button to open and import your PDF document;

Step3: enter into template interface, in here, you can move to the left side of flipbook, to choose other templates and themes;

Step4: click "Edit Pages" to enter into page edit interface, choose "Select Video Displayer to Insert", draw a frame on the part of the page, open your mp4 format file by clicking on "Select Movie";

Step5: save and exit.

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