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Can I add background music to play all the time when someone opens my flipping book?

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After I publish a flip book and insert a piece of music to it, how can I keep it playing on and on?


Use A-PDF to Flipbook Pro (free download here) to publish interactive page turn book and insert

music as background sound for it. What's more, you can set sound loops for the background music or make it play all the time.

1. Start A-PDF to Flipbook Pro and import PDF document;

2. Customize the flip book based on template;

3. Search "Sound" in the search box and enable sound, select sound file (*.mp3) and set sound loops (1 for 1 time, N for N times, and -1 for non-stop);

4. Publish the flip book in selected format.

When the flip book is opened, the inserted background music will begin to play and won't stop until the flash is closed.

set sound loops as forever play

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