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Can I add multiple types of watermarks to PDF by using A-PDF Watermark?

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Thanks to purchase A-PDF Watermark, I can easily add watermark to the confidential documents, no matter text/logo/shape and datetime. Now I would like to define the watermark style, display company logo on the left side and website URL in middle. Can I?


Actually, you can add multiple types of watermarks to PDF by using A-PDF Watermark. Therefore, if you want to set company logo and website URL as PDF watermark, you can design them and batch adds them to PDF. Step-by-step-tutorial tells you how to batch add text and image watermark to PDF by using A-PDF Watermark.

Step1: Add all PDF files or folder that needs to add copyright;


Step2: Create new text watermark, name it as your website URL such as: www.a-pdf.com; Create image watermark, open your logo to define the watermark;


Step3: After settings, those new watermarks will be shown on list. You can both check those watermarks and then start to add to those imported PDF.


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