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Can I add new button icons to the toolbar of the flip book?

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I want to add a new icon to the toolbar of the flip book so that people can use it more convenient, which tool can help to do this?


You can use A-PDF to Flipbook Pro

(free download here) to add new button icons for the flip book. You can set the icon function as page

link, website link or even JavaScript function and you can choose the icon image and define caption for it. However, you can add new icons only when you choose Float template as other templates do not support this function.

1. Launch the program and import PDF documents, and choose "Float" as book template;

2. Input "Add Icons Settings" in the search box to find out add icon setting;

3. Click the "Add Icons Settings" and the Icons Settings window will pop up, click "Add Icon" button to choose icon image file, define button info and icon button action (Go to page, Open a link and Call JavaScript function), click "OK" to save and exit;

4. After all settings are done, click "Apply Change" button and choose output type to publish flip book.

add new button icons to the toolbar of flip book

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