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Can I add YouTube video to my flip book?

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I found a YouTube video online and it is quite relevant to my flip book content, can I insert it to my flip book?


You can use A-PDF to Flipbook Pro (free download here). This powerful page turning software

offers "Edit Page" setting that allows you to edit the flipping pages with rich multimedia. You can add links, audio, flash and even YouTube video.

1. Launch A-PDF to Flipbook Pro and import PDF;

2. Customize the book with a series of configurable settings based on selected template;

3. Click "Edit Pages" on the top menu toolbar to enter into "Page Editing" interface;

4. Select the page where you want to add YouTube video, click "Add YouTube Video" and click on the page, define window proportion, Video ID, Video Parameters and action settings;

5. Click "File" to save setting and exit, apply change and choose output type to publish flipbook with YouTube video embedded.

embed YouTube video to the flipping page

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