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Can I append a PDF file if the total page number in merged PDF file is odd?

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If I don't want the total page number of merged file is odd, can I insert a blank page or a special PDF file at the end?


A-PDF Merger (free download here) provides you different choices when the total page number for the merged PDF is odd.

Make your own settings in the below way:

  1. Click "File->Add/ Add a Directory" to add PDF documents into the list;
  2. Click "Tools->Options->Page", check "Add a page for each document if the total page number for current PDF is ODD", choose "Add a Blank Page" or "Add an exist file (PDF file)", and save your settings;
  3. Choose file and set "Merge Method", then click "Merge" to combine all files together with a blank page or PDF file appended.

View video tutorial here:



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