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Can I batch change local HTML or Webpage of Internet into PDF with fast speed?

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Which tool will help to batch change local HTML or Webpage of Internet into PDF with fast speed?


How to capture the whole web page's content into portable PDF files on the fly? Or have you been troubled by producing customized documents based on HTML pages, for example add personal logo or set security?

A-PDF HTML to PDF (free download here) is a very powerful product to batch convert HTML files to PDF documents, you can add the HTML files from saved Web Pages, or add URL at your convenience. The software even provides many kinds of personal settings such as security, watermark, and change properties, etc.

free download here and install A-PDF HTML to PDF, run HtmlToPDF.exe, the tutorial below explains how to use A-PDF HTML to PDF in below easy ways :

Method One—Batch Convert Mode (Choose "Batch Convert Mode" in the beginning):


HTML to PDF batch mode

  1. Click "Add" or the sentence in the list--"The list is empty, Please add some HTML documents to begin.." to add existing HTML files, or click "Add Folder" include sub folders to add a folder HTML files together, or even input address of Webpages directly by clicking "Add URL";
  2. Click "Settings" or icons as "Add Security", "Add Watermark", "Properties" etc to set for output PDF documents, the tool provides an overall interface for settings:

    A-PDF HTML to PDF batch mode properties

    A-PDF HTML to PDF batch mode security

    A-PDF HTML to PDF batch mode watermark

    A-PDF HTML to PDF batch mode open view

    A-PDF HTML to PDF batch mode page NO

    A-PDF HTML to PDF batch mode page layout

    A-PDF HTML to PDF batch mode start up

    A-PDF HTML to PDF batch mode time out

    At last, click "Ok" to save your settings.

  3. Click "Convert to PDF and Save As" to select output folder and then start conversion.
  4. Choose "Ok" in the Message Box "Do you want to open the directory?"

    Let's compare the converted PDF page with original HTML page:


-PDF HTML to PDF batch mode result

Method Two—Hot Directories Mode:

  1. Choose "Hot Directories Mode" in the beginning, then click "Next >" to start Hot Directories Mode, and you can also set for output PDF files as in Batch Convert Mode by clicking "Settings";
  2. A-PDF 

HTML to PDF hot mode begin

  3. Set monitored and output directories, then choose a path for saving log files:
  4. A-PDF HTML to PDF hot mode set start

  5. Click the icon for "Start Hot Directory Service", all HTML files written in the Input Directory will be converted into PDF format and then saved in Output Directory.

Method Three—Command Line Mode:

    Operate Cmd.exe then input your command line as "C:\WORK\Converter\A-PDF Html to PDF \HtmlToPDF.exe" " C:\WORK\Converter\A-PDF Html to PDF\[A- PDF.com].htm" " C:\WORK\Converter\A-PDF Html to PDF\com.pdf"


HTML to PDF command line

Besides above three ways to convert HTML files, there is another easy method:

    Right click on the HTML file which to be converted into PDF format, then select "Convert to PDF…" in Context-Sensitive Menu, it will auto run HtmltoPDF.exe, then choose an output folder, the Html file will be converted instantly.


HTML to PDF right click

    Then you will see converted PDF document listed in your defined folder.

Click the download button to free download a trial version now

Download a-pdf Image to PDF

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