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Can I batch convert multiple PDF files into flash flip books at one time?

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I have several PDF files and I want to convert all of them to flip books, but it is troublesome and time-consuming to convert one by one, any effective solution?


Yes, if you want to convert multiple PDF files to page turn books at the same time, you can choose "Batch Convert" mode to complete conversion, which will save you much time and improve efficiency.

Both A-PDF to Flipbook (free download here) and A-PDF to Flipbook Pro (free download here)

support this convert mode. Let me show you how to batch convert PDF to flip book:

1. Import PDF and customize the flip book based on template;

2. After all configurable settings are done, click "Batch Convert" at the top menu toolbar to enter the batch convert interface;

3. Add PDF files that you want to convert or add a folder (including sub folder or not) directly;

4. Define "PDF Setting": page range to import; page quality and size options; watermark setting; enable "Import bookmark", "Import links" and "Search";

a-pdf to flipbook batch convert

5. Define "Output Settings":

(1) Choose output type to publish flip book;

(2) Select a page flipping way for the mobile version: Flip, Single Page Flip and Slide;

(3) Choose an output path for the flip book;

(4) Select file name defining setting: PDF Title, Subject, Author and FileName;

(5) Define HTML Title with keywords and description set;

(6) Choose "Merge All PDF Files to One" to merge all the PDF files to a single flip book.

a-pdf to flipbook batch convert

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