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Can I change the button icons with mine in the flip book?

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Which page flip software will allow me to replace the existing buttons icons with those I like?


A-PDF to Flipbook Pro (free download here) will enable you to change the existing icons with your

own images. With this application, you can make your flip book more customizable.

1. Make sure Adobe Flash Professional (Flash CS3,CS4,CS5) has been installed in your computer;

2. Download "FlipResources.fla" from our website: CS3, CS4 or CS5;

3. Edit the FlipResources.fla with Adobe Flash Professional, change the icon with your own images (do not change the icon names and links), and save it as SWF file;

turn file to swf file

4. Launch A-PDF to Flipbook Pro and search "Icons File", import the SWF file you've published from Adobe Flash Professional, apply change. You will see the original icon is replaced by your icon;

replace existing icons with your images

5. Choose output type to publish flip book.

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