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Can I change the color or skin for the flip book?

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If I don't like the present appearance of my flip book, can I change it?


Yes, all our flip book makers such as A-PDF to Flipbook (free download here), allow you to change or customize the color and skin of the flip publication with built-in templates and themes:

1. After you import PDF files, click on the "Templates Option" button, the template selection window will pop up;

template selection
2. In "My Templates", there are four kinds of templates for you to choose: Classical, Float, Neat and Spread, and each template includes different themes that of different color;

3. You can click "Online Templates" to get free online templates. Once you install them, you can use them to decorate your flip book;

4. If you don't like the skin of the built-in templates or themes, you can customize a new project with various configurable settings such as logo, background and color.

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