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Can I change the language of A-PDF Merger?

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I want to use French rather than English as the language for A-PDF Merger, how can I change the language?


A-PDF Merger (free download here) is a considerate program that enables you to merge multiple

PDF files into one single PDF file. In addition, this software allows you to change the language within itself. Except English, you can also use many other languages as program language: Arabic, Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese, Czech, European-Portuguese, French, German, Hebrew, Italiano, Magyar, Russian and Spanish.

1. Download and start A-PDF Merger;

2. Click "Tool" and move to "Language", choose "New Language File" and define a name for the language (e.g., French), and then you can edit the language file (*.lng) with your language;

3. After finishing editing the language file, save it as a new file;

4. In the language settings , click "Import Language File" to import the language file to the program;

5. Restart the program and choose the language you want.

PS: You can refer to the language file provided by our customers in our website:


choose language for the program

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