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Can I just import custom range pages to publish a flipbook?

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My PDF file consists of a large quantity of pages, but I just need some of them in my flip book, do your page flip programs support this function?


Yes, they do. In fact, not only the page flip programs but also many of our products allow you to

import custom range pages. Below we take A-PDF to Flipbook Pro (free download here) as example and show you how to import custom range pages:

1. Start the program and click "Import PDF" to enter the "Import Interface";

2. Click "Browse.." button to search the PDF you want to import;

3. Choose "All Pages" to import all content of the PDF;

4. Choose "Custom range" to import custom range pages. If you want to import page 5 to page 16, you can input "5-16" in the box; if you want to import page 1, page 3, page 5 and page 10 to page 19, you should input "1, 3, 5, 10-19";

5. Click "Import" to import PDF, customize book style and output flip book. And the published flip book will just contain the pages you imported.

import custom range pages

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