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Can I merge files in different folders to different single PDF simultaneously?

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I have two folders of PDF files, folder 1 has document w1234 and folder 2 has document W1234 and I want to merge them with the same file name with the same order in the merged document. The files must retain the same name and if possible have the ability to be saved to a new folder 3. What can I do?


You can try A-PDF Merger Command Line in the below way:

rem @echo off

set dir1=c:\dir1
set dir2=c:\dir2
set dirout=c:\output dir

set pmcmd="c:\pmcmd\pmcmd.exe"
set pmcmdparm=

REM =======================
REM =======================

cd %dir1%
For %%i in (*.pdf) do %pmcmd% "%dirout%\%%i" "%dir1%\%%i" "%dir2%\%%i" %pmcmdparm%

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