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Can I use the content of attached PDF as content of e-mail subject or body?

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If I want to send PDF files to others via email, can I extract the content of PDF file and use it as email subject or body directly?


You can try our A-PDF AutoMail (free download here). This software will allow you to extract PDF file content and then take it as a part of the subject or body of the email.

1. Open A-PDF AutoMail and add PDF file (s) or add a folder directly;

2. Select a e-mail sending rule and click "Edit" button to enter into "Add Content Tag" interface;

3. Select attached PDF which is to be sent, in the content display window, click on the content that you want to use as subject, and choose Add to "Subject" (or you can choose Add to Macro Tag and then edit it, then click "Macro" button of Subject to choose the Tag);

4. Do the same to define email body (Message), and you can preview the result at once;

5. Customize other settings and save them, then you can email or email the selected PDF files.

use extracted pdf content as email subject and body message

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