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As parents, we want our children to find love, get married and love their children as much as we love them. One of my son will get married in several days, I am very excited and want to remember this day in an interesting way. I have noticed that FlipBook is a best way. Please tell me how to create an online wedding album by using A-PDF FlipBOOK Maker.


FlipBook Creator is an exciting flipbook software that converts conventional files to fancy flipbooks in several format options. It provides users with a quicky way to create an online wedding flipbook by using FlipBook Creator. As we all know, wedding industry is one of the most popular industries in the society. Marriage is a big deal. People will never go into it rashly. Newlyweds will take more photos to remember this day. With FlipBook Creator, newlyweds can create an online digital wedding album and share it with their friends, relatives, colleages, classmates and so on.

Here are the steps for users to create a popular wedding album:

Step1: Quick start.

Lauch FlipBook Creator from the desktop and click the button of “Create New” to import images files.

Step 2: Select templates and themes

There are so many flipbook templates and themes in FlipBook Creator. Users need to choose the templates and themes they like.

Step 3: Design Settings.

Custom wedding album with powerful Design Settings.

Step 4: Publish online digital magazine

Users can click the button of “Publish” to wedding album in different formats. In addition, users can also upload those flipbooks they create to our online server.

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