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Create vocabulary flip cards for Mobile phones

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Can I use Flipbook Maker to create vocabulary flip cards for teaching? Except for reading on web, how can I read it on Mobile like iPad and Android App?


Flipbook Maker supports for importing PDF. You can make vocabulary flip cards, flip magazine, flip catalogue from PDF files. Output with HTML and Mobile version, you can view HTML5 flipbook on web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

Details please follow below steps:

Step1: Download A-PDF Flip Book Maker (free download here) and install it to your machine;

Step2: Launch it and import PDF file;

Step3: Choose template and theme;

Step4: Click "Publish" icon to open publish panel;

Step5: Choose HTML and Mobile version option;

Create vocabulary flip cards for Mobile phones

Step6: Click "Convert" button to make HTML5 vocabulary flip cards.

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