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Do any of your products append PDF documents to multiple documents?

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Say I have 50,000 PDF documents with different content and page totals. I want to append a legend (in PDF) to the last page of each of the 50,000 PDFs. Do you have a product that can easily perform this function?


You can use A-PDF Page Master (free download here) and A-PDF Watermark (free download here) to append the one page PDF to the end of multiple PDF documents:

First, append a blank page to the end of every PDF file:

  1. Select "Pages->Batch process" to enter into batch interface;
  2. Add PDF Documents: click "Add directories to list";
  3. Choose "Add Action->" to set for new blank pages: Insert->1 page, Position->After, Where to insert?->Last Page, then click "Ok" to save settings;
  4. Click "Process" to insert a blank page to the end of those PDF documents instantly.

Then, stamp on the last blank page with the same one-page file:

  1. Add PDF Documents: choose "File->Add PDF Document" or "File->Add Directory", you can even drag the files to the list directly;
  2. Click "Watermark->Create->New PDF Watermark", then add your PDF, set page range->Page No. as "-1", then save as a new watermark;
  3. Append Watermark to PDFs: click "Watermark And Save As" to add defined PDF watermark to your original PDF files.

Then you will get all your files appended with the single page PDF file.

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  • A-PDF Page Master - Manage and organize PDF document pages, including edit, arrange, merge, extract etc.

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