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How can I add my corporate logo to the flip book?

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I want my corporate logo to show in the flip book so that others can recognize my company easily. Which software is the right one for me?


A-PDF to Flipbook (free download here) and A-PDF to Flipbook Pro (free download here) can

help you. The followings will show you how to add logo to the flip book:

1. Launch the program and import PDF file;

2. Find out "Title Bar" setting, click "The Book Logo" and select logo file (image or SWF) for the flip book;

3. Add logo URL if you want to link to a webpage;

4. Input book title for the flip book (for Float Template only);

5. Apply change and choose output type to publish flip book.

Notice: You can add logo to the flip book only in Float and Neat Template.

save template setting for future use

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