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How can I crop a PDF to the same size as original PDF file?

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The original PDF is of A4 size, but when I cropped it with A-PDF Page Crop, the size became smaller, how can I save it in A4 size?


In addition to helping you crop page of PDF, A-PDF Page Crop (free download here) also enables you to set output size for the new PDF file.

1. Start A-PDF Page Crop and import PDF file that you need to crop;

2. Crop the PDF as you wish with various crop tools: crop box, rectangles, margins settings, align tools and so on;

3. Click "Options"-->"Settings", and the Options window will pop up, click "Page Size" and define page size: set page size the same as the crop area, or set size as you like (you can also click the "Inverted Triangle" to choose size for the output PDF); set page content position and save settings;

4. Click "Apply" button to apply the settings to all the other pages;

5. Click "Crop and Save as" button to choose output path, and then you will get a PDF that of the same size as original file.

set crop pdf page area size as original file size

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