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How can I make online PDF e-book thumbnails quickly?

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What software is available to make online PDF e-book thumbnails quickly?


Are you a professional PDF eBook writer and want to sell your PDF eBook from your website? Or maybe you need a eBook thumbnails gallery for your online store? Even if you have a lot of eBooks (in PDF format) that you want to share with your friends and family online, the tool--A-PDF Thumbnailer will give you a big help.

A-PDF Thumbnailer (free download here) provides a quick way to creating PDF thumbnails from multiple Acrobat PDF documents directly. The tool allows you to create professional-looking web image galleries which can be published on the Web. A-PDF Thumbnailer also can create big images from PDFs as well as tiny thumbnails.

Now, the tutorial below explains how to use A-PDF Thumbnailer to create thumbnail images with HTML pages:

a-pdf thumbnailer three steps

  1. Free download and install A-PDF Thumbnailer, run Thumbnailer.exe, the first step is to add PDF files to be converted (You can add files one by one, or add folder include sub folders together, or even drag the files to the list directly);
  2. Settings on Thumbnail: you can define Thumbnail size, Detailed image size, Thumbnail border, Quality, Add softshadow, and Which PDF page to be created as thumbnail:
    Settings on HTML page: Thumbnail link, Thumbnail title, Thumbnail page table, Thumbnail Template, URL for Target PDF Files:

  3. a-pdf thumbnailer settings

  4. Click "Generate…" to choose output mode--"Generate thumbnail images with HTML pages" or "Generate thumbnail images only", then select Output Folder for saving converted files:

a-pdf thumbnailer generate.gif

Let's have a look at the result of the output file: select "Yes" in the Message Box—The progress of generating thumbnails is finished, would you like to open it?

a-pdf thumbnailer result

Ok, the procedure of converting PDF files to web thumbnails is clear and easy to handle, right?

Click the download button to free download a trial version.

Download a-pdf Image to PDF

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