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How can I rename PDF and modify metadata with original info in PDF file?

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I want change the file name of my PDF document and use the first text as the new file name. And in the meanwhile, I want to change the metadata or properties of this PDF. Do you have any suggestion on this?


You can try A-PDF Rename which will enable you to rename the PDF file with macro settings. You can rename the PDF with text within the PDF, file name, file size, author, title and so on. In addition, you can modify the PDF metadata with ease using macro: title, author, subject, keywords, creator, and producer. Below I will show you how to rename and modify the metadata of a PDF with A-PDF Rename.

Step 1: Add PDF Documents

Start A-PDF Rename, and then click "Add File" to add a PDF file.

add PDF for renaming

Step 2: Rename & Modify Metadata

In the "Rename Method" section, click "Macro" behind "Rename Filename" and select one type: Filename, Filesize, Filefullname, Foldername, FirstText and so on. And then you can check "Modify Metadata" and change the properties of the PDF file.

rename PDF file and modify metadata

Step 3: Preview & Rename

You can click "Preview" to preview the result or directly click "Rename" to rename the PDF and modify the PDF metadata.

preview renamed PDF file and metadata

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