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How can I set the size and margin for the flash book?

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Is it possible for me to define book proportion or book margin so as to fit my book size?


A-PDF to Flipbook (free download here). provides you with various configurable settings, including

book proportions and book margins, and you can set parameter for them according to your PDF size.

1. Import PDF file and enter into "Design Setting" interface;

2. On the left setting panel, find out "Book Proportions", set parameter for page width and page height;

set book proportions for the flip book

3. Locate "Book Margins" and set parameter for top margin, bottom margin, left margin and right margin;

define book margins for the flash page turn book

4. Apply change to preview book proportions and margins;

5. See if it fits your PDF file, then output flip book and you will get a flip book of the size you want.

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