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How do you store paper files for easy searching and managing later?

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Who can intro a program to me to store paper files for easy searching and managing later?


You can use A-PDF Paper Manager Lite (free download here) to store paper files for easy searching and managing later.

With using A-PDF Paper Manager Lite, you can scan files, then easy manage, search or export for distributing then.

  1. Scan paper: click "Scan Papers" to select scanner and then scan files into the storage path directly;
  2. Manage: you can "Add" new folders under Root path, then just drag the files to different folders, click "Properties" to define category and related information;
  3. Search: click "Search" button to define search items, you can set search path, create name, category and other detail information for quickly searching;
  4. Export: if you want to distribute stored files with others, you can export as images, PDF files, or directly send email or print out.

If you want to know more instructions, you can view the detailed manual here.

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