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How to add brand info to Page Flip book?

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I want to make a brand and professional flipbook. While design flipbook with Handy template, I noticed that there is a logo sign on the top of template. Can I change it to my Logo image? Please give me some ideas. Other methods to add the brand info will be OK.


There are three methods to brand your company info to flipbook if using A-PDF Flip Book Maker

(free download here). The most simple is to set company image as flipbook background. Secondly, you

can write "About" information to software such as news, author and contact info. Another is to change

the original Logo.

1. Background image

Open The Display Settings->Background Config->Background Image File to choose your image, and then click "Apply Change";

How to add brand info to Page Flip book

2. About

In About Config, enable show "About" button and write the contact info text (company info, author, contact info, news);

How to add brand info to Page Flip book

3. Logo

Change the original Logo and URL to your own.

How to add brand info to Page Flip book

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