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How to Add New Page to Be as Contents of Flipbook

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Have you ever met this situation, when you are converting a flip page book in flipping book converter, you suddenly found there's a miss of one important page, what would you do? Will you make the PDF file again? But sometimes, it is difficult for people who have no original files of PDF document, so all you need in convenience is a feature of adding page to your flipbook.


Certainly, the Standard and the common flipping book maker will not let you add page for its' basic features to serve users. Bur as you are using A-PDF FlipBook Maker, everything's different, you can get more pleasures of convenience and powerful features of Editing the flipbook.

If you need an important extra page, you should sign up and go to edit page interface.

Press adding page button on the left of the interface;

Define the position of the added page;

Choose a importing page type of Image or PDF;

If you want to add page from a PDF file, you don't need to import all pages, you can customize the importing page number

Save and Exit to preview the new flipbook with added pages.

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