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How to add Vimeo video to flipping book?

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I have uploaded many videos to my Vimeo site, how can I use these Vimeo videos in my flipping book?


A-PDF to Flipbook Pro is your best choice because this flip book publisher provides you with a powerful and exciting Page Editor which allows you to add local videos, YouTube and Vimeo videos to the flipping book.

Step 1: Import PDF and design flipbook based on template

Launch the A-PDF to Flipbook Pro and import a PDF file, and in the next screen, customize the flipbook based on the selected template with various settings: logo, scene, background, feature buttons and so on.

Step 2: Add Vimeo video to flipbook

Click "Edit Pages" to enter into the Page Edit interface. Click the Vimeo icon on the toolbar and add it to the page, and next you will want to input the Vimeo video ID and define other properties for the Vimeo video.

Step 3: Publish the flipbook

After you save the Vimeo video settings, you can publish the flip book and upload it online.

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