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How to convert JPG to PDF (or other image formats to PDF) by using A-PDF Image to PDF?

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I have scanned copies of the contract which save as jpg format. It is best if I can convert those images into a PDF file so that I can easily share to clients. I find there is a tool called A-PDF Image to PDF that seems like meet my need. Can you tell me more about this A-PDF tool?


A-PDF Image to PDF tool not only helps you to convert images to high-quality PDF in a fast speed, but also enables you scan paper to image. There is multiple images format support for importing, including jpg, png, bmp, gif, jpeg, psd and so on.

Step-by-step tutorial about how to convert JPG to PDF (or other image formats to PDF) by using A-PDF Image to PDF:

If you need to scan paper to image, you should run on this tool to select the scanner and scan paper to images;

Step1: add images that you need to convert to PDF;

Step2: adjust the order of image and effect;

Step3: define the output size and quality;

Step4: you can add security for your images by settings;

Step5: build PDF.

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