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How to crop PDF with high DPI so it becomes clearer?

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When we cut or crop PDF to a new file, it becomes blurred and is not as clear as original PDF, is there a tool that allows to setting DPI so I can get a high definition PDF?


You can use A-PDF Page Crop (free download here) to crop PDF files and set higher DPI for the new

PDF. Just within a few steps, you will get a new PDF with high definition.

1. Download A-PDF Page Crop and launch it with shortcut;

2. Import the PDF file that you want to crop;

3. Crop the PDF as you wish with various crop tools: crop box, rectangles, margins settings, align tools and so on;

4. Click "Options"-->"Settings", and the Options window will pop up, click "DPI" and define parameter for it (Higher DPI leads to lower performance, usually 144 is recommended and no less that 71), save the setting;

5. Click "Apply" button to apply the settings to all the other pages;

6. Click "Crop and Save as" button to choose output path, and then you will attain a PDF with high DPI even after being cropped.

set DPI for the PDF after cropping

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