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How to divide a PDF file into multiple files with unique keywords?

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What software is available for me dividing a PDF file into multiple files with unique keywords?


If you had a large volume PDF document as Payroll, Delivery Order, Invoice etc, which needed splitting into multiple individual parts based on the unique keywords: Employee No, Order No or Invoice No, please focus on our powerful product—A-PDF Content Splitter.

You can use A-PDF Content Splitter (free download here) to divide a PDF file into multiple files with unique texture in a easy way, it automate the process of searching words, marking them then splitting the document based on them in few seconds.

Now, the tutorial below explains how to use A-PDF Content Splitter with ease:

  1. Free download and install A-PDF Content Splitter, operate PdfCS.exe, let’s have a look at the common mode--Batch Mode in the beginning. The first step is to add PDF documents:
  2. a-pdf content splitter add file

    Or you can add a folder of PDF files at the same time:

    a-pdf content splitter add folder

  3. Select a Rule for splitting: click the icon “Add Rule” and then edit in the follow interface.
  4. a-pdf content splitter open edit

    It provides guidelines of telling you how to edit a new rule:

    a-pdf content splitter edit rule guidelines

    a-pdf content splitter edit rule

  5. After editing a new rule, choose it and then input a folder for outputting:
  6. a-pdf content splitter output

  7. The last step: Click “Split All(1)” to start splitting, you can also stop it by clicking “Stop”, then you will see a Log Viewer Box, you can save or copy the log as you wanted.
  8. a-pdf content splitter start stop

    Open the output folder, view the new files split on Member No and Order No.

    a-pdf content splitter new files

    Now let’s have a look at the Hot Directory Mode:

    a-pdf content splitter start hot

    a-pdf content splitter hot edit

    a-pdf content splitter hot start stop

Click the download button to free download a trial version now

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View video tutorial


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