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How to easily add an Email Button to Flipbook?

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If I want my readers to share my flipbook via email, how can I add an email share button to my flipbook?


It's very easy to add an email button to your flipbook so your readers can share your book link with others simply by using the email button. But first you should upload your output flipbook online, to your own website or to our Cloud Hosting by using the Upload Online Service. You can refer to the below steps.

Step 1: Build a new flipbook project

Download and install A-PDF Flipbook Maker, then launch this page flip software. Click "Create New" to build a new flip book project and import your PDF file.

Step 2: Enable & Configure the email feature

In the design interface, click Design Setting >> Tool Bar Settings (Flash Control Settings) >> Buttons Bar >> Share >> Share Button, and select "Show" to enable the email share button. And then you will need to configure the email button with Email Subject and Email Body (the URL of your uploaded flipbook).

Step 3: Save settings and publish the book online

After you finish all the design and settings for the flip book, click "Apply Change" to save the settings. At last, output the flipbook and upload to your website or to our Online Service. And when your readers view your book, they can easily share your book by clicking the "Share" button.

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