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How to embed text on flip book page?

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A-PDF to Flipbook Pro is very helpful for me to create flash flipping book. But I am still not so familiar to adding multimedia elements on flash book with Flip Book Editor on A-PDF to Flipbook Pro. How can I insert text on flip page with ease?


If you would like to make a presentation with flash flip brochure, then you will need to embed some text on the flip page to explain more details for our audiences. If you create a flip catalog with A-PDF to Flipbook Pro, the text on flip page will help you highlight and emphasize the content or product feature and make you reader impressive easier. Anyway, embedding text on flip page is one of the useful functions of flip book editor. Here we are going to show you how to embed text on flip book steps by steps.

Step1: Import PDF to Flash Flipping Book. Download software and Run to click "Create New" to add PDF to flash book.

Step2: Edit Flip Page with Flip Book Editor. Select "Edit Page" to Flip Book editor Window. Select a page click text icon and choose a text type and an area of flip page in order to insert the text on the area you want.

Step3: Inserted Text Settings. Select another text type on the list, background fill and text size on the flash page.

Step4: Refresh Page Flipping Book. Click "Save and Exit" and click "Apply Change" to refresh flip book. Now you see the text effect on the flash flip book.

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