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How to enable image pop up when clicked

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Though the images in a flipbook are available, in some case those images are too small due to the limitation of book size and I hope they are clear to my audiences. I suppose that would be great if I can make the pop image in flipbook, the images will pop up in large size when someone click it, is it possible with A-PDF FlipBook Creator solution?


To better present the document, the FlipBook Creator solution has been integrated with media-rich features, so with the flip book software, you can easily add pop image, also slideshow to the pages. Below steps will show you how to do this.

Step 1: Run FlipBook Creator Pro and start a new project or continue an existing project.

Step 2: Choose “Edit Pages” to enter into the Page Editor.

Step 3: In page editor, select the link tool to add a link, then drag a box in page with mouse to insert the link.

Step 4: In properties panel, click the Action Options button and set the action type as Photo Slideshow. Then select the image you want to pop up and insert.

Step 5: Save previous settings and exit the Page Editor. Then you can preview the effect in preview panel.

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