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How to find and replace text in an existing PDF?

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I just received a PDF file from someone but I then found some misspellings in the PDF file. I don't have Adobe Acrobat or any PDF editor, do you have any software that can help me find and replace text within the PDF file? And how does it work?


You can try A-PDF Text Replace. This software allows you to find and batch replace specific text in a PDF file in seconds. And A-PDF Text Replace enables you to proceed with text replacement in a more accurate way with "Case Sensitive" and "Wildcard Expressions" options. In addition, this utility supports Batch mode, which means you are able to find and replace text in multiple PDF files at the same time. You can follow below steps to find and replace text in a PDF file.

Step 1: Add PDF Documents

After you start A-PDF Text Replace, click "Add Files" to add a PDF file to the list.

add PDF for replacing text

Step 2: Define Text Replace Settings

In this section, input text that you want to replace and text you want to replace with. You can also select "Case Sensitive" and "Using Wildcard Expressions".

input text to be replaced and replace with what text

Step 3: Replace Text

Click "Replace" or "Replace And Save as" to replace the text in your PDF file.

save new PDF file

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