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How to get more online background when you are using A-PDF to Flash?

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I have installed A-PDF to Flash tool. At present, it helps me more. The download webpage say this tool has many background for designers to choose. I have opened the background panel and just find some of them. Is there any other online background?


A-PDF to Flash has more than 200+ backgrounds. Every template has its specific background. Besides, you can open background panel to get more beautiful and unique background, not only built-in background, but also online background. Online background has many series such as landscape, unreal, light, plant and so on. We will regularly update the background resource. Let us look at below tutorials to learn how to get more online background when you are using A-PDF to Flash.

Step1: Open background panel;

Step2: Click "Online Background" button;


Step3: Choose one of the backgrounds to install and apply;


Step4: Preview the effect.

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