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How to get more templates to adorn the flip book?

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Is there any product provides more templates except for the built-in projects?


Yes, you can try A-PDF to Flipbook (free download here) and A-PDF to Flipbook Pro

(free download here). Both these two flip book publishers provide users with 4 built-in templates:

Classical, Float, Neat and Spread. And you can customize the flip book based on these templates. What's more, in order to save your time, these two programs allow you to download online templates for free.

1. Start the program and import PDF file;

2. Click "Template" button to enter into template option interface;

3. Click "Online Templates", select one and install;

4. After installing the online template, click "Apply" button to put it into use directly.

When you open the template option interface next time, this template is right there for you to use.

Besides, you can go to our website ( http://www.flipbuilder.com/templates-themes/index.html) directly to download more templates or buy the "Alpha Templates".

What's more, if you want a template of your own style, just tell us your requirements. We will provide you with a highly customizable template at a reasonable and affordable price.

download free online templates

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