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How to hide the toolbar while viewing flash flip book in full screen?

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Except for the flip book, I don't want any other items such as toolbar or page index show up while view the flash book in full screen. How to achieve this?


You can use A-PDF to Flipbook (free download here) to hide all items except the flip book in full screen mode. However, to make this true, you need to choose "Classical Template".

1. Start the software and import PDF file;

2. Choose "Classical Template" and customize the flip book with a series of settings;

3. Search "Full Screen" setting, choose "Show" to enable full screen mode first, and then select "Yes" for "Full Screen Without Tool Bar" to hide toolbar;

4. Apply change and publish the flip book in defined format.

When you open the flip book and enable full screen, you will just see the flip book in the flash, without toolbar displaying.

PS: You can exit full screen by pressing ESC in your keyboard.

hide the toolbar while viewing flip book in full screen mode

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