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How to insert a blank page into the beginning of 500 PDF files?

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I have 500 PDFs. I want to insert a blank page into the beginning of each PDF using 1 tool. Do you have a solution to do this?


You may use the product A-PDF Merger Command Line and some script. The steps:
  1. Create a PDF file with one blank page, named it as blank.pdf
  2. Copy the 500 files, blank.pdf and PMCMD.exe into a directory, such as: c:\pdfs
  3. Make a output directory, such as c:\outputs
  4. Create a batch file using notepad as below, named it as AddBlank.bat

    REM ========================================== BEGIN ======
    set pmcmd="C:\A-PDF Merge Cmd\PMCMD.exe"
    cd C:\pdfs
    for %%1 in (*.pdf) do %PMCMD% "C:\outputs\%%1" "C:\Ex\additional.pdf" "%%1"
    REM =========================================== END ======
  5. run the batch file.

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