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How to integrate PPT and Music into interactive flash movies?

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Do you want to show your rich content PowerPoint files online? How to convert PPT slides to interactive flash movies?


To output high quality flash movie with your rich PPT content and transition effect?

A-PDF Flash PowerPoint (free download here) could be a good program for you:

  1. Click "Import->From PPT" to add PowerPoint file, you can also insert images between the slides;
  2. Set Flash effects, you can add audio for each slide, transition effects, edit text or graphics on pages, add description and attachments, set logo images;
  3. Click "Publish" to output slides with defined flash effects (you can click "Preview" to view the applied effect before outputting).

You will get a single folder (contains HTML file, SWF file and a files folder) under your defined path, open it to view the HTML flash file.

If you want to know how to upload your create flash file to your website, please view details here.

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