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How to make recipient don't know I'm emailing copies to others with BCC or CC?

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I don't want the original recipient to know that I am sending copies of email to others, just letting him feel that he is the only one to receive my email. Does any tool support Blind Carbon Copy or Carbon Copy?


You can use A-PDF Mailer (free download here) to send e-mails with BCC or CC settings. A-PDF Mailer integrates Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) and Carbon Copy (CC) columns, which will enable you to send copies to others without original recipient's knowledge.

1. Launch the program and select Microsoft Excel file with e-mail address list;

2. Add attachments to the list, PDF files or other format files like Word and PPT;

3. Define "Subject" and "Email Body";

4. Click "Setting" button and select "Email Field Setting", match excel columns for "Email-to", "CC" and "BCC";

5. Click "OK" and then batch send e-mails.

send email with BCC and CC

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