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How to make your flipbook zoomable in flip book maker?

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My PDF contains a lot of words, and sometimes you cannot see the text clearly, you have to enlarge the page to read it. So does your flip book maker allow enlarging or zooming in the book pages?


I may suggest you use A-PDF Flip Book Maker to convert your PDF file to a zoomable flipbook. You readers can zoom in or zoom out the flipbook by using the Zoom button. And if your PDF file is a vector-based artwork, the converted flipbook will be a vector-based publication. That means, even though the book page is enlarged by many times, the content will not be distorted or become blurred.

1. Import vector-base PDF file

After you launch A-PDF Flip Book Maker, create a new project and import your vector PDF file.

2. Enable Zoom feature

In the main interface, click "Design Setting" tab and locate the Zoom Config in this way: Flash Control Settings >> Buttons Bar >> Zoom Config. Now you will like to enable the Zoom feature and define the zoom scale or maximum/minimum width (different value in different template).

And after you click "Apply Change", you can preview the zoom effect within the software immediately.

3. Publish the zoomable flipbook

Publish the zoomable flipbook and upload it online, and your readers can read your content clearly with the Zoom feature.

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