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How to modify PDF properties with A-PDF Merger?

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A-PDF Merger helps me a lot and save my time to merge large numbers of PDF files into one. And now I got a problem to use it. That’s how to edit PDF properties with A-PDF Merger?


If you didn't get a suitable method to merge multiple PDF files and images into single large PDF file, you will spend a lot of time to merge them as you need exactly. A-PDF Merger is useful for merging diverse PDF files and images into one large PDF file with simple steps. Then do you know you can customize the output PDF properties as well? With A-PDF Merger, on one hand, users can customize security settings such as adding password for output PDF and bookmark settings; on the other hand, output PDF properties can be modified easily.

Step1: Add PDF Files and Images

Click add button to add multiple PDF and images files once. What’s more, you can capture with A-PDF Merger and import screenshot as well. By the way, you can remove the files up and down and edit merge method.

modify PDF properties with A-PDF Merger

Step2: Customize PDF Properties

Click "Tools" and select "Options" and then go to "Properties" to continue customizing output PDF file properties. For example, you can modify Title, Subject, Author and Keywords. By the way, you also can use the first or last file name as tag for new PDF files.

modify PDF properties with A-PDF Merger

Step3: Merge PDF Files

Click "Ok" to save the change and then back to the main window to merge the PDF files and images. Press "Merge" to begin, once it finished, it will remind you to open the PDF file to have a look.

modify PDF properties with A-PDF Merger

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