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How to preview PDF files without opening?

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What's the best tool to preview PDF files without opening?


If you have many PDF files to be viewed, or to be renamed based on the content inside, you might do this job in an annoying way: open the first file, view content, close it, rename, then open the second file, view content, close, then rename, repeat the actions again and again.

Now A-PDF Preview and Rename (free download here) will help you to preview multiple PDF files in the same interface, and you can also rename based on content in an easy way.

Now let's have a look at the simple procedure of viewing your multiple PDF files without opening, then rename easily:

  1. Add PDF Documents: select "File->Add PDF Document" or "File->Add Folder", you can even drag files to the list directly;
  2. a-pdf preview and rename two steps

    Then you can view content in the view box.

  3. Rename: input new name and you can even change metadata at the same time, Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, “Rename” or click ENTER button, the interface will jump into the next file automatically.
  4. So easy, have a try now.

    Download a-pdf Image to PDF


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