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How to print one specific page or any pages from an online flipbook?

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I would like to print my flipbook, but actually I do not need to print all pages, just several pages I need, please tell me how to print one specific page or any pages from an online flipbook by using A-PDF FlipBOOK Maker.


As we all know, we often need to print some documents duing office work. Flip Html5 is a powerful software for users to convert PDF to html5 based flipbooks with page-flipping effect. It also enables users to define page range to print online digital publications. User can print all pages or select page range to print flipbooks. Here are the detailed steps for users to print online digital magazine:

Step1: Run FlipHTML5 flipbook maker and import PDF document to build a new project.

Import PDF

Step2: Select the suitable template and theme to apply it to the flipbook.

Step3: Click the icon of “Print” on the tool bar, there are three option available to users. Firstly, print all pages; Secondly, print current page; Finally, define page range to print flipbook, for example, 2, 3, 5-10.

Add Text

Step4: Click the icon of “Publish” to publish html5 flipbook to local computer or online.

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