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How to Print the Pages Selected from HTML5 Flipbook?

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"Some pages of your flipbook is fascinating, it would be nice if I can print those page directly." I always receive similar email advice from readers. So, can A-PDF Flip Book Maker enable the feature to let readers print selected pages?


Yes, A-PDF Flip Book Maker has provided a print button for readers print their like pages. Click print button and input page number to print each page of your HTML5 flipbook.

You can follow below steps to add print button:

Step1: Run A-PDF Flip Book Maker software and log-in, and then import content files, it supports PDF, Text, office and even images.

Step2: Find print settings and enable it. Find "Print config" under "Custom Setting" (Custom Settings -> Toolbar Settings -> Buttons -> Print Config -> Hide)

Step3: Output HTML5 flipbook as HTML, ZIP for locally-saved or Upload A-PDF Flip Book Maker online sever.

Step4: after publish flipbook online, readers can print pages by click print button on toolbar panel.

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