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How to publish html5 flipping book for viewing on mobile devices?

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My concern is that your software is based on Flash, how can I use it to publish flipbook to be read on mobile devices?


Our A-PDF Flip Book Maker is developed on Flash technology and it can help you to convert PDF files to flash flip books. However, this page flip software also provides you with a HTML5 publishing solution for mobile devices. You can publish the flip book as flash flipbook and create a mobile version at the same time, which means your flipbook can be reached by PC users as well as mobile users via browsers.

Step 1: Import PDF

Start the software and browse a PDF to import.

Step 2: Customize on selected template

Choose a template and customize the flipbook based on the template. You can create your own style flipbook with a dozen of custom settings such as background, scene, and logo.

Step 3: Publish the book & make mobile version

Click the "Publish" button and choose HTML format and at the same time, enable "Also Make Mobile Version" option. Then you publish the flipbook and upload both HTML version and Mobile version to your website. And your audience can read your book on the mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android.

Optionally, you can use our Upload Online Service to create mobile version flipbook too.

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