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How to publish my flip book online if I do not have a website?

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I want to upload my flipbook online, but I don't have a website of my own, how can I make the book available online?


A-PDF Flip Book Maker provides you with Online Service which allows you to upload the flip books to our server. You don't need to host a website, but you can still make your flip book accessible to the whole world with the help of our Online Service. Below steps will show you how to upload a flip book online.

Step 1: Start A-PDF Flipbook Maker, create a new project and import PDF;

create a new flip book

Step 2: Define import settings such as page range, page quality and size, and import link/search/table of contents;

import settings

Step 3: In the Design interface, choose a template and a theme or other settings, and configure the flipbook based on selected template and theme with the custom settings;

customize flip book

Step 4: After all settings are done, click the "Apply Change" button to save the settings;

save settings

Step 5: Click "Upload Online" to sign in to Flip HTML5 Online Service;

login online service

Step 6: Define book settings such as HTML title and description, and click the "Publish" button to start uploading the flipbook to Flip HTML5 server.

upload settings

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