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How to Put PDFs Together?

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What kind of tool is used to Put PDFs together?


Do you want to join multiple documents into a single one for easy handling? Or are you troubled by dealing with different types of files at the same time? A-PDF Merger provides efficient methods to settle above problems in few minutes.

A-PDF Merger (free download here) can be used to combine many kinds of documents into a single PDF, such as files with image formats—JPEG, GIF, BMP, or any available Office files as PPT, DOC, XML, etc. Further more, the tool provides variety settings for output files, for example, add Properties, Security, Page Number, Watermark and so on.

Free Download and install A-PDF Merger , the tutorial below explains the simple procedure of merging multiple files to a single PDF document:

  1. Add files to be merged by clicking "File\Add" or "File\Add a Directory", or drag the files to the list directly, the file type can be any available one, for example .xls, .txt, .jpg or .pdf;
  2. a-pdf merger add files

  3. Specify Merge Method for selected file:

    Whole—Merge the whole pages at one time;
    Part—Merge part of pages in a specified range;
    Mix alternate pages—Mix every N pages with other files;
    Mix alternate pages Reversed—Reverse every N pages and then mix with other files;
    Repeat—Mix the file repeatedly while merging with other files.

  4. a-pdf merger method

    Suppose you have Office files to be merged, you should ensure that you have installed A-PDF converters to convert Office files to PDF at first—click "Tools\Conversion Setting" to specify converters:

    a-pdf merger converters

    And you can also use Tools to set for output files as follows:

    a-pdf merger set properties

    a-pdf merger set security

    a-pdf merger set bookmark

    a-pdf merger set page number

    a-pdf merger set viewer

    a-pdf merger set page

    a-pdf merger set dpi

    a-pdf merger set watermark

  5. Click "File\Merge" to specify output folder and name for merged file:

    a-pdf merger last step

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Download a-pdf Image to PDF

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